"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."

- John Muir


East Coast Backpacking was founded by a group of backpackers who are passionate about backpacking, among other things. Each of us has their own style of backpacking, from the hike-two-miles-and-camp-for-a-week style to the ultra-lightweight-and-efficient style, but we all believe in enjoying the beauty that the East Coast of the United States has to offer, from Florida to Maine and everything in between.

With a combined total of nearly fifty years of backpacking experience, we want to share our passion and knowledge with other backpackers who love the outdoors and are looking for new places to explore. If you have anything to add to this website, or just want to discuss the joys of backpacking, please drop us a line!


Geoff Hoesch – Owner, Dragonfly Digital Marketing.

Cooper Miley

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